Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning How to Cope with Death of Loved Ones is Crucial!

     The predicted Rapture to Heaven event failed to materialize. Many were glad, many were sad.
     This predicted (but failed event) provided hope for many people who believe in Jesus Christ, and His promise to return to earth and eventually establish His Heavenly Kingdom. The way the world is going now, with wars, rumors of war, earthquakes in diverse places, natural disasters like the ones being experienced in the Midwest (where over 100 people were killed yesterday by a tornado in the Joplin, Missouri area) has many people in great fear for their lives. Obviously, an escape from these horrors would be a welcome sight. Folks better get used to this because the Rapture to Heaven doctrine is not biblical, it ain't going to happen. Christians will suffer great tribulation whether we want to believe it or not.
    Yes, the fear of pain and death weighs heavily on most people. No one knows when death will strike. In some cases, when a close friend or relatives is dying from a terminal illness, especially those who have lived a long life, their death is expected. But, when someone is taken unexpectedly, suddenly, through natural or man-related incidents, that trauma can be devastating. No one knows when their number is up. However, there is much we can learn and do in those cases where a loved one is on their death bed.
     In today's blog, we have added a batch of 4 MP3s of a special radio show that was conducted back in 1986, that deals in depth with what we can do to prepare our hearts and souls for the impending demise of friends and loved ones. The radio show is called "Heart & Soul" which was hosted by my dear friend and former pastor, Michael O'Brien, pastor of "My Friend's House," a great church he administered in Highland Park, California. The show aired on KPPC-AM Radio in Pasadena, California.
    This particular show is entitled "Dealing with Death" and it featured in-studio guest, Scott Bauer, one of the pastors of "Church on the Way" located in the San Fernando Vally, California. Scott is the son-in-law of Pastor Jack Hayford, the renowned Christian leader who founded that congregation.
     In this show, we exhaustively explored every aspect about the death process and also discussed the entire issue of "hospice" and how that program works. The show begins with a small drama that was one of the features of our weekly programs, which were produced by Bob Luttrell and Carol Covington.
     The show is two-hours long. Listen to it now or download it and share it with family members, friends and even fellow church members and your pastor as well. You will be blessed by the plethora of information that is presented in this dynamic program, which will enrich your heart and soul. It was relevant back in 1986, and it's even more relevant today as we witness so many people dying as never before.
     We never know when our number is up, nor when someone close to us is called home but there is much we can do to prepare for that eventuality. One thing is certain, as Hebrews 2:1-15 clearly states, one of the main missions of Jesus Christ, above paying for our sins through His crucifixion, He most definitely wants to free those who all their lives have been held in slavery by their fear of death.
     Double click the following link to listen to the show, or right click it to download.

How to deal with the death of loved ones on "Heart & Sould" Radio Show

[This radio show may be broadcast without permission as long as credit is given to the owner. They may also be used for educational purpose, but may not be sold under any circumstances.]

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  1. Another false prophet has the nerve to predict the day the world will end even though Jesus specifically told them no one knows but the father. Obviously false prophets are atheists because they do not believe the bible.