Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mi Casa, Su Casa! Why White America Fears A Culture in Transition!

     The word culture predominates much of the American dialogue, especially in the heated debate about "Illegal Immigrants" and how they are supposedly the cause of the economic problems America faces today.
     The word culture has many connotations. In America, it bespeaks of the tradition that has taken hold of the United States for over 200 hundred years. It’s mostly a “white Anglo” tradition, as history undeniably has recorded. Their perception of themselves included being the "new" Israel, God's children that were finally freed from slavery and oppresion from the church-state monarchy of the Western European world, and America was the "new" Promised Land!
    It is primarily a religious culture that was founded on Puritanical principles, those that have been perpetuated by a people who rejected the church-state behemoth that dictated the Western European monolithic thought for centuries.

     However, at the top of this elitist group think is an inborn ideology that is promulgated by the rich and powerful, the historic money changers of the world, who still possess the power to dictate and control the masses, especially the poor. Some of these poor actually include many of their white Anglo Saxon relatives, of whom they disdain solely because of their economic status; even though a myriad attempts by them to achieve true freedom is exercised daily. “Capitalism is great, work hard and you will soon be rich!”
     However, the Mexican national who has crossed the American border (legally or otherwise), solely to work hard and provide for his family, has now become America's Whipping Boy!
     Who are these Mexicans that have become the shooting targets of an insensitive segment of America's shame?
     Poor folk, many who have lived in this culture for centuries, have adapted well in many ways. Not that they fear or loath hard work. Mexico (especially its peasant laborers) and most Latin and South American countries) is filled with peoples from this unique group of humanity. For most of them, what money we Americans will spend at a quick drive through at a McDonalds, or pay to see the rave movie of the week at the local theater, could well feed a family of six for one whole week. Poor Mexican folks don’t spend their idle time going through their financial portfolio, perusing the Beverly Hills auto directory to pick out a ride for their kids, nor calling their next door neighbors to recommend a good landscaper to trim their roses.
      For the most part, they are humble, caring folks who lovingly teach their daughters how to feed her loved ones, in a tradition steeped with refried beans and home made tortillas ~
      and teaching their sons how to prune an apple tree, providing them with a different education that will go far towards not only in nurturing their family’s work ethic, but making a contribution to the predominate culture that few even recognize nor acknowledge their significance. No academic degrees required!
     The Mexican poor, believe it or not, have a special place in God’s heart, and it is becoming evidently clear to many spirit-filled people why this is so.
     Mi Casa, Su Casa is a colloquial phrase that comes straight from the Mexican heart. Basically, it means "Welcome, our home is your home." Visit a Mexican home and you instantly feel the warmth, the gentle meekness that fills the air. They may not have the type of luxuries we take for grant, their refrigerators and pantries may not be stocked to the brim, but what little they have in their black iron skillet they immediately offer it to you and are quickly willing to share.
     How this humble but yet such beautiful culture adopted this view towards their neighbors, is very telling about their relationship with God. I have always known (and grew up with) this graciousness, which has been handed down from our parents and their parents before them, we have always tried to teach this to our own children. But, I could never understand why other folks did not see this adoring attribute: “Hey guys! Don’t you realize how much we love and care for you?”
      But, instead of receiving this inbred love and compassion with open arms, it is rejected, just as Christ (who is true love) is rejected daily. Maybe its due to fear, that their own culture which has existed for over 200 years is now fading faster than last years Ipod. Not that the culture didn't mean well, but lately it has been too busy playing with its toys and other extravagances it forgot to practice one of God’s most important concerns: to serve our fellow man instead of our egos and bellies!
     Instead, it reverted back and remembered the elitists they so despised but yet deep down they also envied and desired their riches! They remembered the attributes of those they tried to escape from, (money, fame, power) and pursue them with greater lust and passion. They no longer fear hunger. They fill that urge instantly and incessantly which is evident by a society gone mad with diets and liposucacitous verve. They have forgotten the humility God seeks from His children. They tried to escape from one culture, only to adopt the same one they hated.
     Now we see another culture emerging, one that few understand other than those who live by it. Its a poor culture, but yet a grateful one. They find theirs to be a more redeeming culture:The servant culture! The culture God has sought from His children since eternity!
      Sadly, most folks have been too busy judging Mexicans because they didn’t look like the traditional American (Norman Rockwell) image, they spoke with an accent and didn’t sound like the folks of the predominate culture, which is the only one we see and hear through electronic media, daily! For the most part, they log Mexicans into the small stereotype memory banks they themselves created. Now, they are inventing the new Mexicans, the invaders, the terrorists, murders and rapists, who supposedly have Americans in their grasps, ready to maim, plunder and destroy them and their culture.
      Yet, even through these tumultuous attacks there is something deep within the Mexican heart that palpitates an attitude that gently touches many hearts who are willing to see a culture that Jesus knows full well. It’s embodied in their humble phrase, Mi Casa, Su Casa!
      Dr. Lindy Scott, from Wheaton College, has written an amazing piece that speaks to the heart of this matter. I have been wanting to write about this subject of Mi Casa, Su Casa for the longest time, but he beat me to it. He writes about something I not only know and feel throughout the day, but because it affirms who I am. Not just a Mexican American writer, but a servant of God, chosen to serve all peoples, all of His children, regardless of race, color, economic status or physical stature. If all of us could adopt just a little bit of this culture, America could again become the great country it once was. God's will for all of us resonates in that humble phrase: Mi Casa, Su casa!

Please, read Dr. Scott's article in its entirety. You will love it! Click here Mi Casa Es Su Casa

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  2. A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you; and I will remove from your body the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
    - Ezekiel 36:26
    Joe,The Creator is talking about your "people."
    "Thou should not commit adultery."said the Creator.The Creator NEVER created mestizos/mexicans.The vatican/khazarkike created your kind,breaking the Creator Commandment.Sorry Joe,but your anger/hate is missdirected.

  3. The Mexicans have only come to the USA to spread cheer and mirth and merriment. They bring with them gifts of tacos and pinatas and all they get in return is hate from the evil white nazis that shout at them "get off my land, I will not support you with my labor" and that's just evil. Whites should support the mexicans because everyone knows whites are evil and it's okay to kill them.

  4. It's all about "equality", right? But who wants to be "equal" - the strong man or the weakling?

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