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Christians actually are responsible for planting the seed of the Zionist movement to secure Palestine for Jews!

Historians give Theodore Herzl credit for securing Palestine for Jews on the pretext that God gave them unconditional control forever!

What many Christians fail to realize is that Jewry was willing to find a place for its people anywhere, especially in America. However, unbeknown to even Herzl, the Pharisaical Cabbalists had already planted the key talking points (not to Herzl himself) but to a Christian theologian in London who was sympathetic to what he felt was historical persecution against the Jews since their nation was decimated in 70 AD by the Romans. Prior to a chance meeting between Herzl and this Christian theologian, Herzl had no idea about "Zionism" nor any Bible knowledge that would soon provide him with scripture to justify his future endeavors.

Basically securing Palestine has little to do with race and religion, but propaganda promoting such by Zionists has been the carrot stick that has motivated the world to support their cause, with (sadly) primarily Christian Zionists supporters taking the lead. One of those key Christian Zionists was the Reverend William H. Hechler who was  a Restorationist Anglican clergyman, eschatological writer, crusader against anti-Semitism, promoter of Zionism, aide, counselor, friend and (eventually) the legitimizer of Theodor Herzl the founder of the modern Zionism.[1] Hechler in 1854 took a position with the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews. His father’s Philo-Semitism deeply influenced William. The original agenda of the society was:

§ Declaring the Messiahship of Jesus to the Jew first and also to the non-Jew
§ Endeavouring to teach the Church its Jewish roots
§ Encouraging the physical restoration of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel - the Land of Israel
§ Encouraging the Hebrew Christian/Messianic Jewish movement

The society's work began among the poor Jewish immigrants in the East of London and soon spread to Europe, South America, Africa and Palestine. In 1811, a five-acre field on the Cambridge Road Bethnal Green, east London, was leased as a centre for missionary operations. A school, training college and a church called the Episcopal Jews' Chapel were built here. The complex was named Palestine Place. In 1813, a Hebrew-Christian congregation called Benei Abraham (Children of Abraham) started meeting at the chapel in Palestine Place. This was the first recorded assembly of Jewish believers in Jesus and the forerunner of today's Messianic Jewish  congregations.

He soon became “Metropolitan Secretary” of the Church Pastoral Aid Society In his new position, he had the opportunity to expand his interest in Jewish affairs and Restorationism. In 1882, in his official capacity, he traveled to Germany, France and Russia to investigate the Jewish situations there. Hechler was particularly shocked and revolted by the violent pogroms being instituted in Russia against the Jews. Traveling through Odessa, he met the proto-Zionist, Leon Pinsker, the author of Auto –Emancipation, a treatise on a Jewish solution to endemic anti-Semitism by the establishment of a separate State.

 Hechler observed emerging Zionist hopes in the Eastern Jewry. Stopping in Constantinople, Hechler attempted to deliver, through the British Ambassador, a letter to the Sultan of Turkey from Queen Victoria of England. The letter, a Restorationist solution to anti-Semitism, called upon the Sultan to permit the Jews to return to Palestine. The British Ambassador refused to present the letter.

 In 1884 Hechler wrote his own treatise, “The Restoration of the Jews to Palestine.” He called for the Jews to return to Palestine as a pre-condition for the return of Jesus. Hechler wrote,” It is the duty of every Christian to love the Jews.” Hechler did not believe that conversion of the Jews to Christianity was a pre-condition of their return to Palestine or for the advent of the Second Coming.

Hechler maintained an austere, yet eccentric, religious life as Chaplain of the British Embassy. In his private residence, he collected Bibles, maps of Palestine and constructed a scale model of the Jewish Temple that had stood in Jerusalem. He studied the Bible closely working out time lines for the Restoration of the Jews and the Second Coming of Jesus. He predicted that in 1897 or 1898 a major event would occur that would lead to the Restoration of the Jews. Early March, 1896, Hechler had been perusing the Viennese book stalls when he happened upon a book, Der Judenstaadt, by Theodor Herzl. It had been published just a few weeks earlier. 

Theodor Herzl was a well known Viennese writer for the Neue Freie Presse in Vienna. He had been assigned to cover the infamous Captain Alfred Dreyfus trial in Paris. Dreyfus, a Jewish French military officer, had been convicted of selling French military secrets to the Prussians during the recent war. France erupted in spasms of anti-Semitism that shocked Herzl from his assimilated Jewish complacency to reconsider the realities of deeply embedded anti-Semitism. Herzl composed the thoughts he had been struggling with over a number of months prior to the conviction of Dreyfus and published them in a book, the Jewish State,(Der Judenstaadt). Herzl’s solution to anti-Semitism was simple. If France or any country did not want Jews, the Jewish solution was to return to their ancient homeland and reestablish a Jewish State.

Hechler’s reading the short book astonished him by what he perceived as Divine intervention.
March 10, 1896, Herzl recorded in his diary his “first” meeting with Reverend Hechler.

“The Rev. William H. Hechler, chaplain to the British Embassy in Vienna, called on me. A likable, sensitive man with the long grey beard of a prophet. He waxed enthusiastic over my solution. He, too, regard my movement as a “prophetic crisis” – one he foretold two years ago. For he had calculated in accordance with a prophecy dating from Omar’s reign (637-638) that after 42 prophetical months, that is, 1,260 years, Palestine would be restored to the Jews. This would make it 1897-1898. When he read my book, he immediately hurried to Ambassador Monson (British Ambassador in Vienna) and told him: the fore-ordained movement is here! Hechler declares my movement to be a “Biblical” one, even though I proceed rationally in all points. He wants to place my tract in the hands of some German princes. He used to be a tutor in the household of the Grand Duke of Baden, he knows the German Kaiser and thinks he can get me an audience.”

Less than a week later, Herzl went to see Hechler:

“Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, I visited the Rev. Hechler. Next to Colonel Goldsmid, he is the most unusual person I have met in this movement so far. He lives on the fourth floor; his windows overlook the Schillerplatz. Even while I was going up the stairs I heard the sound of an organ. The room which I entered was lined with books on every side, floor to ceiling.

Nothing but Bibles.

A window of the very bright room was open, letting in the cool spring air, and Mr. Hechler showed me his Biblical treasures. Then he spread out before me his chart of comparative history, and finally a map of Palestine. It is a large military staff map in four sheets which, when laid out, covered the entire floor. “We have prepared the ground for you!” Hechler said triumphantly. He showed me where, according to his calculations, our new Temple must be located: in Bethel! Because that is the center of the country. He also showed me the models of the ancient Temple. He sang and played for me on the organ a Zionist song of his composition… But I take him for a naive visionary with a collector’s enthusiasm, and I particularly felt it when he sang his songs to me.”

 (see a book The Prince and the Prophet, promoted by a Messianic web site Israel in Prophecy and written in French by a CLAUDE DUVERNOY, and heavily endorsed by French Zionist, Andre Chouraqui. This is a very clever book written to make it look like God orchestrated the meeting between Hechler and Herzl to fulfill Bible prophecy.)

What you are about to read now is a great example of Zionists revisionists who are working overtime; and for some organizations you have learned to trust. Wikipedia has the following paragraph concerning something Herzl wrote in his dairy about Hechler and his efforts to plant the seed for the creation of Zionism, and it quotes a portion of statement the Grand Duke made to Hechler:

April 23, 1896, Herzl wrote in his diaries of his arrival in Karlsruhe at Hechler’s request.

“Arrived here at eleven last night. Hechler met me at the station and took me to the Hotel Germania, which had been “recommended by the Grand Duke.” We sat in the dining-room for an hour. I drank Bavarian beer, Hechler milk. He told me what had happened. The Grand Duke had received him immediately upon his arrival, but first wanted to wait for his privy-councilor’s report on my Jewish State. Hechler showed the Grand Duke the “prophetic tables” which seemed to make an impression. When the Kaiser arrived, the Grand Duke immediately informed him of the matter. Hechler was invited to the reception and to the surprise of the court-assembly the Kaiser addressed him with the jocular words: 
 “Hechler, I hear you wanted to become a minister of the Jewish State.”
Unfortunately, Wikipedia (which many researchers believe is controlled by the Zionist cabal) left off an interesting (and most revealing) portion of the Grand Duke's statement: 
     "Hechler, I hear you wanted to become a minister of the Jewish state (and following is the portion Wikipedia left off), "Is there a Rothschild behind that?"
Isn't that convenient? Many researchers miss little revealing items such as the one I cite, which goes to show you that Zionist media forces such as Wikipedia very cleverly rewrite (and cover up) much of documented history.
Even more sinister is the documented fact that other Christian writers were promoting the return of the Jews to Palestine, including William Whiston (1667 - 1752), a disciple and popularizer of Isaac Newton, of which both were influenced by Talmudic teachings. Those pesky Rabbis knew to whom they had to coerce even back then. Whiston was among the many intellectuals in that period that were up to date on all aspects of Christian Hebraism.
Obviously, whereas John Nelson Darby and Cyrus Scofield were responsible for modern-day Premillennial Dispensationalism (and its Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven doctrine) Christian scholars, two to three hundred years before these two pawns of Rabbinic Talmudic teaching, other Christian scholars were promoting the return of Jews to Palestine and claiming that they are the Chosen People of God. Based on their failure to discern God's word (and the infusion of nonsensical teaching invented by the Pharisaical members of the Synagogue of Satan), we Christians are responsible for the creation of Zionism!
In other words, the inability to discern scripture (which is even more rampant as we speak) is the fault of Christian theologians who pay more attention to those who surmise and misinterpret what God's word clearly states, which is that Jesus Christ fulfilled all the promises He made to Abraham and his descendants when He died on the cross and was resurrected three days later. That act nullified the old covenant and ushered in the new. There are thousands of scripture that confirm that the Israelites nullified the Old Covenant due to disobedience to God's laws, mandates and will. However, we only need one verse alone to confirm this reality. As a colleague reminded me the other day, God's word clearly affirms the profound difference between the Old Covenant and the New:
For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, (John 1:17).

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  1. Thank you, Joe Ortiz, for your valuable and stirring insights into the foundation and early development of the well-known Zionist movement which, as we all know, resulted in the establishment of the Middle Eastern nation known as Israel. It is shocking to realize the extent to which Christians were involved in the "takeover" of that little strip of land, around which the world of end times controversy seems to revolve! How any genuine Christian can support such wholesale thievery definitely boggles the mind!
    Gratefully, Nicole

  2. Terrific behind-the-scenes probe into why the Middle East is a huge burden on the rest of the earth. Keep probing and sharing, Bro. Ortiz.
    Thanking the Lord for you, Xavier

  3. When will Christian zionists wake up???

  4. Have you noticed that the Christian descendants of the Mayflower today praise Israel more than Jesus Christ. What is happening to the Palestinians is what happened to American Indians and American Mexicans.