Wednesday, July 11, 2012

US Media Bias Contributes to Middle East Atrocities!

It is interesting to see the negative impact the behemoth western media is having on world chaos. The world is in flames yet US media choose to place the blame on certain groups, without giving us the complete facts as to who is responsible for the incendiary actions orchestrated by an elite group, who obviously control what they see is fit to print. Take the Middles East, for an example!

The US press, which publishes its data directly from Middle East media news sources, such as the
Jewish News One, and the largest and most effective lobby in the US Congress, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), only give us glimpses of the total story. Sadly for most Americans, their twist in their news items makes it look like the state of Israel has become the most victimized country in the world. We read daily how those pesky “terrorists” in Gaza have ALL ISRAEL cowering in caves and dungeons to protect themselves from the alleged onslaught of the “fierce” and “terrorists” Palestinian military force. They paint a picture of Israel’s looming destruction, with a gloom and doom broad swath; that, unless rescued by Americans, Israel will become a byword in the annals of history. For example:

According to reports from Jewish News One, concerning how many mortar rocket attacks they experienced this past June, we read this report:

 “163…that's the number of 
rockets and mortars that have so far hit Southern Israel in June…It's often described in the media as "cross border attacks" by militants or Islamic terrorist groups in Gaza…with Israeli counterstrikes, the jargon becomes a "new cycle of violence." But lost in the headlines is the fact Israeli communities near the Gaza border hear the alarm sirens for incoming rockets every single month…sometimes every week…So consider this number: 45…that's the average number of rockets and mortars that terrorists have fired EACH month this year – and that does NOT include the spike in June…that's more than a rocket a day, though they often hit in clusters every few days…The culprits vary --- from the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas which runs Gaza to break off groups, like Islamic Jihad.

The range of Gaza has increased over the years – they can now reach the cities of 
Ashdod, Ashkelon and Be'er Sheva – putting more than a million Israeli citizens at risk…Since the 2008 Gaza War, rocket fire has dropped considerably, but it still remains a significant security challenge for Israel…2 Israelis died in rocket attacks last year, including a teenage boy…Retired Major General Giora Eiland, a former National Security Advisor, believes Israel should treat Hamas like a government.

Israel's policy now is to strike 
weapons smuggling tunnels, launching pads, training grounds and specific terrorists – one cost of this strategy: the accidental death of Palestinian civilians. A new factor has also entered the equation in Gaza: political revolution in Egypt has led an Islamist leader, a longtime member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to be elected as Egypt's new President…some fear Mohammed Morsi will align himself with Hamas and support arms smuggling and attacks on Israel…but Major General Eiland disagrees.
The flow of weapons into Gaza may also increase if Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's regime collapses…A top IDF general warned recently about chemical weapons getting into the wrong hands. What about the likelihood of another Israeli ground invasion in Gaza? Most experts think that is unlikely.”

This data is reported by US media to the American public, to obviously gain sympathy (and billions of taxpayer dollars) for Israel, but, unfortunately (and very conveniently), they failed to include the total story reported by Jewish News One:

“This year Israel unveiled a new weapon in the fight against terrorists in Gaza:
The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. The mobile battery units use radar to detect incoming rockets and then shot up their own missiles to destroy the rocket in midair. Developed in Israel, it's the world's first and only short-range rocket interception system. And its extraordinary success rate has surpassed everyone's expectations.
That means Iron Dome has destroyed about 8 out every 10 rockets it goes after. This month it defied expectations and prevented rockets from hitting the border town of Sderot despite their very short time in the air. 4 Iron Domes are deployed today and more are on the production line…batteries will likely be deployed near Sderot in the future. At an estimated 200 million dollars a pop, they're not cheap. The Obama Administration approved extra military aid to help cover the costs. Iron Dome can provide an additional layer of protection, but most agree a more comprehensive solution is needed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces tough challenges in Gaza -- long-standing challenges made more difficult by political unrest in Egypt and Syria… (Jordana Miller, JN1, Jerusalem)."

Yet, the propaganda received by America is more “victim hood” by Israel, than the atrocities being experienced by defenseless Palestinians. I say ‘defenseless’ when you compare Israeli military jets with rebel Palestinian rockets (and rocks) that have as much killing power between a 22 pistol and an elephant gun. I concur that rebel Palestinians are wrong for launching these rockets, but one can understand why they do it. It is obviously not a military offensive but an act of frustration on their part, and most people all over the world recognize this to be a fact.

Nevertheless, according to foreign press reports from various news agencies (such as the French AFP) we see that while a few combative Palestinians are fighting back against a recognized oppressive Israeli regime, with puny rocket mortars, western news sources fail to mention how the Israeli Air Force responded to these impotent attacks nor how many Palestinian rebels were killed in those bombing raids. American citizens never get to see the myriad of reports about the actual happenings in Gaza (click any of the links below) even though it has access to world-wide news bureaus. They are content (or have been ordered) to get and report solely the news from Israeli sources such as Jewish News One and AIPAC.

Hamas signals ready for truce after Israel kills 2
The Star 2012-06-20

Israel kills 2 Gazans as fighting enters third day
Reuters 2012-06-20
Fresh Israeli air raids on Gaza after rocket firings
Deutsche Welle 2012-06-23
Deadly Israeli raids, Gaza rockets shake truce
The Star 2012-06-22
Hamas threatens to escalate fight with Israel following air strikes Detroit Free Press 2012-06-24
Deadly Israel air strikes on Gaza deal blow to tenuous truce
Middle East Online 2012-06-23
Israeli air strike kills Gaza militant, breaks truce
Reuters 2012-06-22
Deadly Israel raid on Gaza deals blow to truce efforts
The Himalayan 2012-06-23

In the meantime, while American Christian Zionists believe in their hearts that they are doing the right thing by supporting the rogue Israeli administration (read about the birth of the ungodly History of Christian Zionism), God’s other children are living in war-torn conditions, suffering from bombing strafe injuries, without access to medical attention nor the meager and basic necessities of life such as food and water.
Yet, so-called Christian leaders such as John Hagee dare preach to America that they are on God’s side, by supporting the state of Israel, raising millions of dollars from na├»ve or ignorant members of churches throughout America to support and bolster the 2nd most powerful military group in the world. Based on the misinterpretation of (Genesis 12:1-3, which is intended for God’s people of faith), Christian Zionist actually believe that today’s state of Israel is the true Israel of God, which is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Church of God.

A few Disciples of God, such as Stephen Sizer, who has done his homework, provides Bible proof that Zionism, Jewish and or Christian has no Bible foundation, whatsoever; yet Christian Zionists drink the Kool Aid and like lemmings are being led down the path of destruction.

There are but a few of us who have committed our lives (unto death) to get this truth out to as many people as we can, to hopefully turn this horror story around, and hopefully bring about a peace in the Middle East. If not soon, this world will go up in flames, and many Christians (Zionists included) will suffer great tribulation, and (more importantly) there will be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture escape to Heaven to rescue them from the imminent world-wide conflagration as never experienced in history.

For more information about the author and his two books that deal specifically with these Bible truths click on (The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation). To access his web sites and blogs, please click on Joe Ortiz.


  1. I have a question: Even though American media, merchants, and millennialists feel constrained to side with and support the nation of Israel, is there even one Bible verse commanding anyone to help Jews get to Israel or commanding anyone to help the Jews already there? Gerhard

  2. What an interesting question that Gerhard has asked. I have noticed in Ezekiel 36:24 and Ezekiel 37:12,14,21 that it is the Lord God, and Him alone, who brings the ones He had previously "dispersed through the countries" (36:19) back "into the land of Israel." I haven't found any verse commanding the true followers of the Lord to help the Lord in bringing this about. The Bible does say that we Christians should do good unto all men and preach the Gospel throughout the world, but I can't find Him telling us to provide weapons or money to any group that He guarantees will "dwell safely"(38:8)in their own land! I could be wrong in my view of the Middle East and if I am I would want to be corrected. God bless.

  3. Ezekiel 38 tells us that the Lord God will put hooks into the jaws of Gog and bring him and many others into the land of Israel in the "latter years." I can't find where God says He needs any of His followers to assist Him in bringing that end time force into Israel. This seems to be in line with Janelle's observation that God never commanded any of His followers to assist Him in creating Israel or assist Him in helping to maintain and protect it. And we see in this chapter that He doesn't need followers to help Him bring enemies to punish Israel in the end times. In other words, our mission is not to play God but to help fulfill His Great Commission and share Jesus with everyone on earth. Grateful for your blog, Victor

  4. I would say, after noting the start of your informative article, that we in America are now getting news with either a Jewish accent or a Jewish filter. One word describes this bizarre situation: UNBELIEVABLE! Allessandra

  5. Shocking but true!