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Many American Christians Who Hate Mexicans Believe They Are Doing God a Service

     "All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. 2They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. 3They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. 4I have told you this, so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you. I did not tell you this at first because I was with you, (John 16:1-4)

     There is a despicable rising stench of hatred and malice permeating today’s society by many in this once God-fearing nation, spewing forth vitriolic venomous diatribes at some of God’s children, due to their fear that their culture is being diminished by the presence of Mexican and other Latinos crossing the border into this country. This attitude and regurgitated bile goes against the will of God, but, sadly, these perpetrators believe that God is on their side.
     While the immigration problem needs fixing, cooler heads do not prevail but instead many American citizens (led by many who call themselves Christian) are presently exacerbating each other to spew forth odoriferous epithets towards a people who mainly seek work to feed their children.
     Many so-called pundits on numerous radio and television talks shows and on the Internet (many who claim they speak for God as well) are equally as guilty (if not more so) by feeding the American public with lies and distorted statistics as fuel to turn glowing embers of fear and mistrust into a raging inferno. This will eventually result in another war between God’s creation in this nation and there will be nothing civil about it.
     Many true disciples of Christ recognize how many of Satan’s minions (the Father of lies) are inciting the emotional fears of many Americans to turn against their fellow human beings. And, as these disciples speak out, reminding their fellow Christians that these actions are not in compliance with the Gospel, they themselves are being branded as non-believing children of God, and nothing short of being called unpatriotic Liberals and traitors to their country.
     At the heart of this lunatic phenomenon, is the deep-seeded fear that the predominate culture is being diminished by the presence of Hispanic immigrants from Mexico and other South American countries. This ethnic fear, which to them is destroying the once Norman Rockwell image of what they feel America should look like, not recognizing that the multi-colored, multi-language and cultural differences throughout the entire world have changed (albeit disconcerting for many) as we approach the end of this world as we know it.
     Ersatz religious prophets and prognosticators are preaching the end of the world as we know it, which bears some truth. Most certainly we are one day closer to the end, but no one knows (nor is supposed to guess and speculate) the exact day regardless of thousands of novel formulae they present. If their contentions are correct, rather than humanity banding together and get closer to God for rescue from tribulation and wrath, they are turning against one another as never before.

“Every man for himself” blare their thunderous mantra for survival.

     Matthew Henry’s Commentary on John 16 speaks volumes of what we witness today, and what many true disciples will experience in the end times before Christ returns. Albeit the early Catholic Church has left a legacy of committing heinous crimes against so-called heretics through its Crusades and Inquisitions, a time is coming in the present day when so-called Christian entities (in cahoots with the state) will vigorously come down on those who speak God’s truth, especially how God ordains that we treat aliens as if they were native born citizens, and at the least in a humane manner.
     Many of today’s disciples are also speaking out against the atrocities being committed throughout the world concerning inhumane governments, as well as about the Zionism Movement (which dictates that the state of Israel has been ordained by God to rule Palestine. The atrocities being committed against innocent woman and children in Gaza are no different than what we are witnessing in the United States against Mexicans. Sadly, many evangelicals who support the politically born (not biblical) philosophy of Zionism, will be among those pulling the executioner’s switch on many of God’s true disciples who stood up against those who believe they are the favored children of God.

This is what the great Bible commentator of yesteryear, Matthew Henry, had to say about this deception:

~ The sword of civil power: "The time cometh, the hour is come; now things are likely to be worse with you than hitherto they have been; when you are expelled as heretics, they will kill you, and think they do God service, and others will think so too.’’ (1.) You will find them really cruel: They will kill you. Christ’s sheep have been accounted as sheep for the slaughter; the twelve apostles (we are told) were all put to death, except John. Christ had said (ch. 15, 17), You shall bear witness, martyreite— you shall be martyrs, shall seal the truth with your blood, your heart’s blood. (2.) You will find them seemingly conscientious; they will think they do God service; they will seem latreian prospherein—to offer a good sacrifice to God; as those that cast out God’s servants of old, and said, let the Lord be glorified, Isa. 66:5. Note, [1.] It is possible for those that are real enemies to God’s service to pretend a mighty zeal for it. The devil’s work has many a time been done in God’s livery, and one of the most mischievous enemies Christianity ever had sits in the temple of God. Nay

[2.] It is common to patronise an enmity to religion with a color of duty to God, and service to his church. God’s people have suffered the greatest hardships from conscientious persecutors. Paul verily thought he ought to do what he did against the name of Jesus. This does not at all lessen the sin of the persecutors, for villainies will never be consecrated by putting the name of God to them; but it does enhance the sufferings of the persecuted, to die under the character of being enemies to God; but there will be a resurrection of names as well as of bodies at the great day.
III. He gives them the true reason of the world’s enmity and rage against them (v. 3): "These things will they do unto you, not because you have done them any harm, but because they have not known the Father, nor me. Let this comfort you, that none will be your enemies but the worst of men.’’ Note, 1. Many that pretend to know God are wretchedly ignorant of him. Those that pretend to do him service thought they knew him, but it was a wrong notion they had of him. Israel transgressed the covenant, and yet cried, My God, we know thee. Hos. 8:1, 2. 2.

Those that are ignorant of Christ cannot have any right knowledge of God. In vain do men pretend to know God and religion, while they slight Christ and Christianity. 3. Those are very ignorant indeed of God and Christ that think it an acceptable piece of service to persecute good people. Those that know Christ know that he came not into the world to destroy men’s lives, but to save them; that he rules by the power of truth and love, not of fire and sword. Never was such a persecuting church as that which makes ignorance the mother of devotion.
IV. He tells them why he gave them notice of this now, and why not sooner.

1. Why he told them of it now (v. 4), not to discourage them, or add to their present sorrow; nor did he tell them of their danger that they might contrive how to avoid it, but that "when the time shall come (and you may be sure it will come), you may remember that I told you.’’ Note, When suffering times come it will be of use to us to remember what Christ has told us of sufferings. (1.) That our belief of Christ’s foresight and faithfulness may be confirmed; and, (2.) That the trouble may be the less grievous, for we were told of it before, and we took up our profession in expectation of it, so that it ought not to be a surprise to us, nor looked upon as a wrong to us. As Christ in his sufferings, so his followers in theirs, should have an eye to the fulfilling of the scripture.

2. Why he did not tell them of it sooner: "I spoke not this to you from the beginning when you and I came to be first acquainted, because I was with you.’’ (1.) While he was with them, he bore the shock of the world’s malice, and stood in the front of the battle; against him the powers of darkness levelled all their force, not against small or great, but only against the king of Israel, and therefore he did not need to say so much to them of suffering, because it did not fall much to their share; but we do find that from the beginning he bade them prepare for sufferings; and therefore, (2.) It seems rather to be meant of the promise of another comforter. This he had said little of to them at the beginning, because he was himself with them to instruct, guide, and comfort them, and then they needed not the promise of the Spirit’s extraordinary presence. The children of the bride-chamber would not have so much need of a comforter till the bridegroom should be taken away.
V. He expresses a very affectionate concern for the present sadness of his disciples, upon occasion of what he had said to them (v. 5, 6): "Now I am to be no longer with you, but go my way to him that sent me, to repose there, after this fatigue; and none of you asketh me, with any courage, Whither goest thou? But, instead of enquiring after that which would comfort you, you pore upon that which looks melancholy, and sorrow has filled your heart.’’

1. He had told them that he was about to leave them: Now I go my way. He was not driven away by force, but voluntarily departed; his life was not extorted from him, but deposited by him. He went to him that sent him, to give an account of his negotiation. Thus, when we depart out of this world, we go to him that sent us into it, which should make us all solicitous to live to good purposes, remembering we have a commission to execute, which must be returned at a certain day. He had told them what hard times they must suffer when he was gone, and that they must not expect such an easy quiet life as they had had." (Matthew Henry Commentary on John 16
     Brother Matthew Henry well knows (and identifies) those who truly represent Christ and the will of the Father. So many others, who claim they know God but use portions of His words to distort the true intentions of His will, do so at their own peril.
     Yet, those who do follow Christ, who do pick up their cross, will find many who call themselves Christians actually driving nails through their hands and feet for preaching God’s truth!

     Like many times during America’s sordid history, when they killed off native Americans and imprisoned the remaining few in reservations, captured native Africans from their homeland and enslaved them for almost two centuries, when they stole much of Mexico’s land (and have abused its labor force for over a century, moving them in and moving them out when the work was done), just like during the Crusades and the Inquisitions, many true followers of Christ were labeled heretics and burned at the stake for speaking out against the church’s and state’s leaders during that horrendous period.
     Although the church leadership knew what it was doing then, in collusion with the state and the money-changers of the world, today’s church and state leaders remain eerily silent. They don’t want to disturb the status quo. They will lock themselves away(hanging their heads with shame) and remain quiet until after the elections are over with, while at the same time stoking the fires in secret ways. And their parishioners will continue playing church and pretending they are right with God, instead of standing up and speaking forth the truth about its failure to do God’s will.
     In the meantime, as diabolical forces that killed those who stood up against tyranny, back then, many of today’s American Christians will actually applaud (and be involved with) the efforts of renegades who are attacking Mexicans, and will sincerely believe they are doing God a service.
     Click both links below to see actual videos of those who claim God is on their side, and the following one from a brave woman who challenged them at a recent city council meeting in Virginia.

Actual words from those who claim God is on their side

Words from a courageous woman who challenged that claim

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  1. Thank God you are speaking truth and standing up for the poor, oppressed, and what many misguided and hate-filled persons view as the most unfortunate and worthless members of society. What is really tragic is the fact that some of the misguided persons are those who claim to be Christians and followers of the One who is perfect love, that is, Jesus. But they seem to forget that Jesus stated that He will surely have a finished church that is "without spot or wrinkle." And this "cleansing" will be achieved by the coming great tribulation which you discuss in your excellent books. In other words, the ones who hate others the most will get the most "scrubbing" until they are spiritually beautiful. (Nowadays Christians have so many spots they look like a convention of dalmatians!) It would appear that Christians have also forgotten that the Lord's house is for "all people." Yes, the Lord loves variety; imagine what a boring and ugly world this would be if the Creator had created only WHITE flowers! So thank you, Bro. Ortiz, for saying what is truthful and loving in your special way! God bless you. Inez