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Former Broadcaster Claims "Left Behind" Proponents Are Fanning The Flames of the World's Religious Conflicts


 Joe Ortiz, Author
The End Times Passover
Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation

     (Redlands, California, 11/11/09) A former radio-television talk show host today tossed a theological gauntlet at those who support the Left Behind doctrine, claiming that form of theology is not biblical and is leading many true believers astray from the Gospel.
      Joe Ortiz, who recently published two books, The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (Author House), which he claims out right debunk the Left Behind doctrine, today stated that Left Behind and Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrines are myths and a contradistinction to orthodox Christianity.
      Ortiz said has researched this subject for over 35 years and began writing his books in 1984. He completed the books in 1987 but worked for twenty more years before publishing them in 2006 to ascertain the data was provable beyond a doubt. Other commentators who also dispute the Left Behind mythology and recently published their books that confirm Ortiz’ data, include published authors Ted Noel, Barbara Rossing, Stephen Sizer, Steve Wohlberg, Arnie Suntag and many others.

     “It is not our intent to create discord within the Christian community,” said Ortiz, “However, there are many theologians throughout the world who are convinced the Left Behind doctrine is a blatant lie, and its proponents are more concerned with making money than teaching biblical truth.  The Left Behind doctrine, formulated by religious leader Tim LaHaye and author Jerry Jenkins, teaches that born again Christians will be secretly caught up to heaven seven years before Jesus Christ returns back to earth, thereby escaping a period they call The Great Tribulation.

     “It is prophecy writers and preachers like Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, John Hagee, Mike Evans, Hal Lindsey and Tommy Ice, who are the most well known promoters of this mythology,” says Ortiz.  “They and their publishers are more concerned about profiting greatly from these books and movies, rather than preaching the true gospel,” stated Ortiz, who adds the Left Behind series has sold over 65 million copies.  “Unfortunately, these books and movies are seducing spiritually hungry people away from God’s truth.”

     Ortiz added that adherents to these mythologies are being duped into believing and supporting doctrines that are actually fanning the flames of world politics. He said they willingly or unwittingly are also promoting doctrines that foster religious conflicts throughout the world. Unlike a multitude of so-called “prophecy experts” on television and Internet who also promote the Left Behind notions, Ortiz said he biblically proves in his books that the state of Israel is not God’s time piece to Armageddon, that there will be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and that God’s true disciples will experience a certain degree of tribulation.

      “It is the intent of these right-wing evangelicals to provide unlimited and unqualified support for the current governmental leaders of the state of Israel because (as they claim) the Palestinian region was given to them by God,” said Ortiz.
      “The scripture prophecies they cite to support this contention came with conditions calling for Israel to abide by eternal faithfulness, loyalty and service to God,” said Ortiz. “However, the Israelites, over two thousand years ago, broke that covenant because they failed to follow those conditions and, thereby, nullified God’s commitment to honor His initial promise.” 

      Ortiz said he does not side with either Palestinians or Jews in their centuries old conflict, other than promotes that both sides have to reach a mutually beneficial peace agreement. He said that his books are not anti-Semetic as some will want to charge; but rather a theological polemic that provides scripture that today’s Jewish people are not favored by God any more nor any less than any other race, ethnicity, culture or religion, citing 2 Samuel 14:14 and Romans 2:11 which state “For there is no favoritism nor respect of persons with God.”
      Ortiz, a veteran journalist, talk show host and news columnist with 40 years experience in the greater Los Angeles media market (most recently as a publicist since 1988), added his books provide succinct biblical evidence that refute the Left Behind mythologies, and he is willing to sit down with any author, politician or national leader to present his research .



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  1. Just discovered your intriguing blog and bells are ringing in my head because your comments are simply packed with truth and reasoning. I found out that Catholics have never officially accepted or promoted the escape rapture nonsense, also it has never been a part of the theology of Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Orthodox branches, many Churches of Christ, many Churches of God and many others. It is only a small proportion of Christians on earth (and mainly in America) who believe in the "pre-tribulation," but they are a very fanatical and noisy and demanding and "in your face" proportion. Thank God you and others are exposing the lucrative rapture racket for what it is, and it is good knowing about your books and that you are doing your part to air all the facts. But I have a feeling, Brother, that LaHaye, Lindsey, Ice, Jeffrey, Van Impe, Missler, Strandberg, Hagee and others will definitely not be sending you a Christmas card this year! But you are speaking truth - Bible truth - and that is what really matters. His Blessings!